Due to their modular design, our stages adapt to any size, height and format.

The basic unit of our medium and large format stages is the 2500x1000x100mm stage. These units are made up of 1 28mm thick phenolic board integrated into an anodized aluminum structure and are machined using 100mm battens for easy tongue and groove mounting.

Technical characteristics:

Resistant to water and high temperatures.
Abrasion resistant
Torsion resistant
High load capacity

The structure that supports the pallets is based on a multidirectional galvanized iron scaffolding system that complies with the UNE 76-502-90 and 76-505-91 standards as certified by the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR).


The versatility and resistance of our stage model allows us to adapt to any orography and / or space, without limit of shapes or meters of surface. The height can vary from 0'16m to 2m, although for special needs the required height can be reached.

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